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An interesting bug

Yeah, the error code is 66. I hate it when that happens, especially on Felucia.

He be fit though

now off to wait for a vr mod. Wait a second. I saw this hand gesture somewhere else before. I don’t know where, but definitely saw it

Anyone else feel this?

I just build I giant tower of dirt or use a beacon but yeah. Agree. what has happened to just writing down the coordinates of your base before going on an adventure?


Mature German politician fucks and sucks in fake taxi. He be lookin hella thicc tho

made for history

Mercantilism actually. Honestly, Obi-wan in the second panel looks like he’s saying “I don’t think that man has been to medical school”

He has a point

I read this in my dads voice because this is completely something that he would say. Pikachu, why the fuck would I pick you?

My enemies smell like friends at first

Maybe i could learn how to get a friend from them

X Æ A-12 in 18 years…

X Æ A-12 in 18 years… Dank Memes

accidentally moves the camera for a reason

accidentally moves the camera for a reason : Incredibles Memes

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